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The Services We Offer:

• America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) are available in every state. Physician Consult Fee is $90. We see patients between 7 am and 9 pm and we will try hard to see you on the day you contact us but it could be the next day.
Please Note: The consultation fee does not include the cost of the medication prescribed.

 • Through telemedicine we can offer convenient and affordable healthcare services to patients. Telemedicine is an excellent option for nonemergency situations, including prophylactic (preventive) and early (home) treatment of COVID-19.

• Our physicians are hydroxychloroquine knowledgeable and fully aware of the science and data regarding its safety and efficacy.
• All physicians are credentialed, have gone through a lengthy background check, and are licensed to practice in your state. In most cases you will see them via a video consult but sometimes it will be on the phone.


• Controlled substances (such as narcotics) will never be prescribed

• The consultation fee will be collected after your consultation has occurred; however, your payment method will be pre-authorized for the amount of the consultation prior to the appointment. Please Note: This is not a charge but may appear on your payment method as “pending”.

• You may inquire yourself with your own insurance company about reimbursement but we do not get involved in any way with any insurance issues. 

Do you have questions about your prescription?

If you have questions regarding your prescription, please contact our customer service team at (404) 601-1276 .

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