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COVID-19 Rapid Test Kit

Re-Open Safer with BioHit’s 15-Minute COVID-19 Serology Antibody Test



Optional – On-Site Nurse Appointment to administer and
complete the test. The cost is an additional $25.


Step 1

Fill out the intake form using the button below. Once you fill out the necessary information, your method of payment will be pre-authorized for the amount of $135.

Step 2

A licensed healthcare physician will review the intake information you submitted using a HIPAA certified platform. Once, the physician reviews your information they will place an order for your COVID-19 Rapid Test kit.

Step 3

Benzer Pharmacy, the pharmacy sending out the tests, will contact you to verify your shipping information. At this point, if you would like to schedule a nurse to visit you to administer the test you may do so for an additional $25, which will be collected by Benzer Pharmacy. These nurses will come to your home and administer the complete test.

Step 4

Once you receive the test:
Follow the instructions provided by Benzer Pharmacy to coordinate with a nurse as instructed by the pharmacy to scheduled a video conference with a nurse or to arrange an in-home visit to administer the test under medical supervision.

If you chose to schedule a nurse through Benzer Pharmacy to help guide you through the process, the nurse will show up at the time you scheduled and perform the test.

Step 5

The medical professional supervising the administration of your test will help you identify the results of the BioHit 15-minute COVID-19 Serology Antibody Test.

Why Testing Is Important

Patient Testing:

Incorporating COVID-19 screening into patient on-boarding process using rapid response antibody tests is a crucial first line of defense for screening patients prior to any hospital procedure. Instead of waiting for testing to be done in a lab, point of care facilities can be more proactive in protecting hospital employees and other patients prior to any procedure.

Business Openings:

Rapid response antibody screening tests are a crucial first line of defense for screening employees that are safe to work and those fall short. Instead of waiting for testing to be done in a lab, business owners can be more proactive in protecting their employees and their customers with our tests.

School Openings:

COVID-19 testing is critical for parents, students, and teachers to know if those attending class in-person are COVID-19 free. Repeat testing will establish health security for all in the educational environment, providing added peace-of-mind that the school environment remains safe.

Track & Trace:

We have developed an application (App) allowing businesses to not only test for better safety, but also allow the business to make data driven decisions for HR/Opening/Closing by having real time optics into who is available to safely work and where there may be potential issues through identifying hotspots and locations with higher number of cases. Businesses who screen now can aid in the detection and tracking of how the virus is spreading.

Important Information

Frequently Asked Questions

I have tested Positive. Now what?
The test will return 1 of 3 positive results. The positive results could indicate past infection, acute infection, or an ongoing infection.

Please consult with your healthcare provider to discuss the result of your tests for what to do next or click here to request a consultation with one of our licensed healthcare physicians.

Who do I contact about my appointment with a nurse?
If you have any questions regarding your appointment with a nurse, you can contact Benzer Pharmacy directly by phone at (813) 644-7277.
What is included with the COVID-19 Rapid Test Kit?
Your BioHit COVID-19 Rapid Test includes:
• A Sterile Lancet
• A Test procedure cassette
• Alcohol Swab
• A Dropper
• Buffer
• Instruction Manual
Should I use for every medical condition?
No. We are designed to see and treat non-emergency type consultations; think of common conditions like the flu, colds, pink eyes.
SpeakWithAnMD should not be a substitute for regular visits to your primary care or used in life-threatening emergencies.
If you are are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, immediately dial 911.
What time's are providers available?
SpeakWithAnMD providers are available from 8am – 12am in your respective timezones. You will be assigned a provider that will contact you to discuss your medical concern.
What about the doctors, are they real?
Yes. SpeakWithAnMD doctors have all be credentialed and gone through a lengthy background check. All doctors are licensed to practice in your residing state. In most cases you will see them via a video consult, but may speak to them over the phone in others.
I'm ready to schedule a consult. What's next?
Congrats! We are excited you chose At the bottom of the FAQ section, you will see a button that says “Book Your Consultation Now”, click it. Once the initial intake is done, your information will be forwarded to a licensed healthcare provider in your state. Depending on the time you have requested, a provider will be in touch with you.
Can I get prescribed medication as a result of the visit?
Yes. However, this is at the discretion of the healthcare provider.
Please Note: Controlled substances will never be prescribed by a healthcare provider. Also, there may be other medications that will not be prescribed as well.

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