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At, we have specialists in many different areas. This means that we can offer a wide range of affordable healthcare services to you, the patient. The list below is only a short list of the services we offer:





Do you have questions about your prescription?

If you have questions regarding your prescription, please contact our customer service team at (404) 601-1276 .



“Thank you for the work you do, you have treated my whole family and saved my father’s life. We will always be grateful.”

Patient – 1/4/21

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Our doctors go through a lengthy credentialing and screening process to make sure you are getting an experienced healthcare provider.

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Due to an overwhelming response, our clinicians are working as quickly as they can to speak to patients who have booked a consultation. We apologize for the delay and thank you for your patience. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I use for every medical condition?

No. We are designed to see and treat non-emergency type consultations; think of common conditions like the flu, colds, pink eyes.
SpeakWithAnMD should not be a substitute for regular visits to your primary care or used in life-threatening emergencies.
If you are are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, immediately dial 911.

What time's are providers available?

SpeakWithAnMD providers are available from 8am - 12am in your respective timezones. You will be assigned a provider that will contact you to discuss your medical concern.

What about the doctors, are they real?

Yes. SpeakWithAnMD doctors have all be credentialed and gone through a lengthy background check. All doctors are licensed to practice in your residing state. In most cases you will see them via a video consult, but may speak to them over the phone in others. 

I'm ready to schedule a consult. What's next?

Congrats! We are excited you chose At the bottom of the FAQ section, you will see a button that says "Book Your Consultation Now", click it. Once the initial intake is done, your information will be forwarded to a licensed healthcare provider in your state. Depending on the time you have requested, a provider will be in touch with you.

Does the consult fee include the price of the medication?

We have partnered with a nationwide pharmacy to provide you a low-cost alternative to the prescribed medication; however, patients may choose to fill their prescription at their local pharmacy. It is because of this reason, the consult fee does not include the price of the medication.

Please Note: If you choose to fill your prescription somewhere other than one of our partner pharmacies, please contact your pharmacy to make sure they will fill the prescribed medication.

Can I get prescribed medication as a result of the visit?

Yes. However, this is at the discretion of the healthcare provider.
Please Note: Controlled substances will never be prescribed by a healthcare provider. Also, there may be other medications that will not be prescribed as well.

How does prescription delivery work?

We want to save you time and money. This is why we have a strategic partnership with pharmacy partners nationwide. They will receive your prescription and find the cheapest and fastest option based on your location. It's really that simple.

If you have any questions regarding your prescription, once your prescription has been sent to the pharmacy you will receive contact information for them.

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